We are an established UK supplier of spill control, spill containment and liquid bunded storage products. Our products are of the highest standard and are designed to prevent and control the hazardous effects caused by chemical spills. 

The main product categories that we offer are: Free Spill Kit Training*, Spill Kits, Spill Control, Absorbents, Loose Granular Absorbents, Absorbent Stations and Dispensers, Spill Control Accessories, Bunded Workfloors, Drum Spill Pallets and Trays, Haz-Mat Cabinets, COSH Cabinets, and IBC and Drum Storage Cabinets.

Our parent company Chello Chemicals was founded in 1980 and are an established supplier of chemicals for industrial use. Based just outside of Worcester, where they have modern offices and large warehouse facilities, they distribute high quality blended chemicals, wipers, spill containment, factory consumables, spill management products, aerosols and personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the UK.

The main product categories that Chello Chemicals offer are: Chemicals, SpillManagement, Aerosols, Industrial Wipers, Factory Consumables, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Food Industry.

We believe in providing an excellent standard of product and service and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a wide range of spill control, spill containment and liquid bunded storage products at a competitive price.

*Subject to terms and conditions. Please enquire.