Spill kit training is offered, free of charge, to all customers who purchase their spill kits and absorbents through Chello and Chello-online. The usual lead time for the provision of training sessions is approximately  4  weeks. 
[subject to terms and conditions, please contact our office for more details]

It is important that your employees understand how to identify spill hazards and, if a spill occurs, what emergency procedures to follow. Our spill kit training is delivered based on the safety first principle. Teaching your employees how to protect themselves and their co-workers, contain and deal with any spills correctly and to protect the environment and surrounding watercourses.


The training sessions are provided on-site at customers premises and can be scheduled around the availability of operatives and work patterns, such as shift working. 
The session lasts for approximately one hour, covers basic spill kit training and is undertaken by our experienced spill management trainer. Initially a DVD presentation is shown, followed by a period of  familiarisation with correct absorbents and containment techniques. To finish these skills are put into practice during a mock spill demonstration, which usually takes place outdoors.

During the course you will learn:

     +    to identify chemicals and hazardous substances in the workplace
     +    identify potential spill hazards

     +    identify and implement personal safety requirements
     +    emergency spill response and containment
     +    post-incident clean up techniques and correct waste disposal

On completion of the training each operative receives a named certificate of attendance.

Although this training provides a comprehensive introduction to effective spill containment and management, regular update sessions are also recommended. More advanced level training is available if required, but this is subject to a charge. For further details please contact us.


Your contact for Spill Kit Training is  Steve Jones.

Tel: 01886 812 877

Mobile: 07958 610 240